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Njoistumblins reviews – StumbleUpon

January 17, 2011

    She has the eye of an artist, she can find beauty in everything and anything; nature; animals; people; trees;  shores; whatever. To visit her site is such a relaxing journey everyone should take.

Firehorse21s reviews – StumbleUpon

August 8, 2009

Visiting your blog got me confused at first as how to classify you. Going through the pages, things were getting clearer, and finally I got it. You are a revolutionary artist, a sensual man, and a deep thinker.

filakia-glikas reviews – StumbleUpon

May 7, 2009

A cocktail, that is professionally mixed to have all the tastes you can ever feel. You wonder, when it tastes sour, it suddenly tastes sweet, and you can not stop drinking. You feel detached from the world, then she gets you back to earth. She gives you a well-balance dose of love, lust, humanity, romance, politics, geography, history, you name it.

ggwbachs reviews – StumbleUpon

May 1, 2009

This man brings the world at your fingertips. His posts are so various, but still in harmony. He will satisfy visitors whatever their interests. are.

IsaacLonetrees reviews – StumbleUpon

May 1, 2009

This is an exceptional blog. It is very well organized, well presented, well written, so colorful, and so artistic. Feels like you are reading his diary.

justis2s favorite websites – StumbleUpon

April 27, 2009

He mixes things very well; old and new; personal and general; color, B&W; reality and fantasy. He makes a piece of junk turn into a piece of fine art photography. I am blessed to be his friend.

moolfss reviews – StumbleUpon

April 25, 2009

This site is exceptional. What strikes me the most is the beauty in everything yo see there. A must see site.

jaybirdlynchs favorite websites – StumbleUpon

April 17, 2009

This 75 years old lady is very young at the heart. Her interests are very peaceful and energetic. You will never leave her site disappointed.

Cheryl1109s reviews – StumbleUpon

April 16, 2009

One of the best sites around, She has a touch and a taste in every single post. Never leave a day pass without paying her a visit.

LLBwwbs reviews – StumbleUpon

April 10, 2009

A fabulous site, feels like a news station for stumblers. If you wanna know who is posting what, go there.